Thursday, August 11, 2011

let me cut off WSJ

i keep up with the headlines using google news' aggregator. it works pretty well, and has some especially promising newer features, like allowing for some customization.

in a couple of instances, it has listed a handful of mainstream providers, along with a slider that allows me to choose the frequency with which i am presented with these outlets' product.

when it came to choices such as FOX and WSJ, i move the slider all the way to the left -- as in NEVER display. as the following quote will demonstrate, not only is the twisted murdoch agenda driving the coverage of the news, but they bait one in to the article only to end it in mid-stream:


It was the kind of study that made doctors around the world sit up and take notice: Two popular high-blood-pressure drugs were found to be much better in combination than either alone.

'There was a 'wow' reaction,' recalls Franz Messerli, a New York doctor who, like many others, changed his prescription habits after the 2003 report.

Unfortunately, it wasn't true. Six and a half years later, the prestigious medical journal the Lancet retracted the paper, citing 'serious concerns' about the findings.

The damage was done. Doctors by then had given the drug combination to well over 100,000 patients. Instead of ..."

fine, rupert, put it behind a paywall. i don't want to read your drivel anyway! the main reason for calling up the piece, by the way, was to find out whether the murdoch pro-business agenda would be attempting to put screws to climate-change research. i had no illusions about any kind of journalistic integrity on display.

to google: please, when i ask to opt out of this propagandized garbage, let me opt OUT! i guess one has to accept that google is just another cog in the deadly corporate machine that is grinding our world to pulp, and there's so escaping the spewing sewage that the regime in power wishes to wash over us all...

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