Tuesday, February 1, 2011

all the smart people

with the upheaval in egypt and the collapse of the dictatorial regime of the criminal mubarak, i'm left in a daze from reading all the smart people who offer their take on the issue -- whether it be for or against the status quo.

anyone who's read this blog -- which so far is no one -- can appreciate how i feel about these events. i'm gung-ho for the success of the rebellion. i applaud the people of egypt for standing up for their rights and their freedom. and it gives me no end of satisfaction to see the elite project of oppression and exploitation take a body blow from below.

it gives me uncontrollable glee to see the extreme discomfort of israeli officials, especially. they dithered and dawdled and deceived and otherwise prevaricated their way over the past couple of decades of so-called "negotiations" with the palestinians, stealing their land and patrimony, while the US and it's clone clowns had the zionists' backs. the imperialist, colonialist powers took pleasure of bringing shame to the arab nation, with nary a thought of how tenuous their position could be -- and now may become.

above all, the freedom and democracy circus, so artlessly produced by bush and cheney in the interests of their political benefactors in the energy sector, is finally, laughably hitting the skids -- and not a moment too soon. the US wreaked havoc on the nations of the middle east, and shamelessly sought to turn the entire region into a series of fiefdoms under the rule of local tyrants on the payroll of, and loyal to, washington. the murderous regimes of washington's preference would make the world safe for US hegemony, while the populations of these subject states would be kept impoverished and silent.

and it's all falling apart.

there's no limit to the hubris of the global capitalist elites, who seem oblivious to the power of popular movements to upset their plans. all it took was one small nation with a large grievance to show others how it could be done for the fires to spread....

regardless of how all the smart people say it is, this is how i see it, and this is how i feel about it.

i love to see this carefully constructed, craftily promoted image of the world under US domination attacked and upended by the supposedly powerless and docile subjects of the empire. we sleepwalking americans, so in love with our goddamn exceptional selves, are for the first time, perhaps, understanding that the order our government imposes on others is corrupt. this time, they see that it's not our freedom and democracy they hate -- it's how we deny freedom and democracy to others.

moreover, how much longer will this sleepwalking giant lumber along, until it, too, realizes that a corrupt and ossified order is imposed upon it by, and in the service of, insatiably greedy elites?

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