Tuesday, February 8, 2011

enough already

the egyptian protests are in their third week, and still the murderous tyrant mubarak hangs on to power, with the assent of his patrons in washington, DC.

it is a tawdry spectacle, to be sure, to see such a reprehensible and loathsome human specimen as mubarak held out as an honorable and able leader of the people. he has done nothing but subjugate and exploit the people for the benefit of his cabal of opportunistic scum.

it is appropriate, and far overdue, for the egyptian people to liquidate this menace, seize his assets (and his ass!) and make an example to the rest of the blooksucking scum who dance to the tune called by their masters in washington.

obama and his nefarious minions have taken their stand, and predictably cast their lot with the enemy of the egyptian people. it should never be forgotten, even for a second, what a deficit of credibility these characters have. they have never taken a stand, or made a statement, in the interest of the oppressed people under the empire's death grip. and they never will. it was predictable from the start that the US would stand with its dictator, and be unyielding as long as he was still standing. if events are to overwhelm this position, you'll find the string-pullers in DC to find another pliable puppet to stand in mubarak's place, and to defend the same interests and enforce the same policies. the US demands continuity, and they don't even consider compromise when it comes to their puppet states around the globe.

(it's ironic how eagerly obama compromises in the political arena back home -- offering concessions before his opponents even challenge him. it's a different story when it comes to vassal states in the US empire!)

so let the egyptian people hear, and hear well: if they don't have the courage and willpower to see this through to the end -- the complete overthrow of the mubarak regime, and the elimination of the old order -- they will simply have traded one tyrant for another. anyone advocating negotiations and "gradualism" in the demanded reforms is setting up for the total abandonment of everything single item on the revolution's agenda.

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