Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anonymous: US Security Firms 'Planned to Attack WikiLeaks' | Common Dreams

from the guardian:

Anonymous: US Security Firms 'Planned to Attack WikiLeaks' | Common Dreams: "Anonymous also claims to have obtained access to Stuxnet, the sophisticated computer virus reportedly developed as a joint Israeli-US cyber attack against Iran's nuclear facilities, in HBGary Federal's computer system."
if there was any doubt that the US corporate state wasn't into cybercrime up to its ass, this would have to be the smoking gun. the story this is pulled from talks about how HBGary and other security firms proposed a conspiracy with BofA to attack wikileaks. bad as that is, this revelation takes it to a whole 'nother level!

stuxnet is probably a joint israeli/US effort to sabotage iran's uranium enrichment facilities by mucking with the programming of the siemans centrifuges. it is by all accounts the most sophisticated computer worm ever devised -- and this one wasn't the chinks, our ready-to-order villains whenever some diversionary smokescreen is needed for our own chicanery.

the bastards. by their acts you shall know them.

now, you have no reason to believe that you and i are next, if we ever become a problem...

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