Thursday, February 24, 2011

when a blog is a slog

one of my favorite blogs is The Slog, which bills itself as "evidence-based bollocks deconstruction". where it fits on the political spectrum, i dare not presume. it should be sufficient to assume that if you're reading about it here, i endorse the deconstruction of bollocks, from wherever and whomever it comes.

a tidbit from a recent offering summarizing the many transgressions against comity and decency, and probably law, by the rupert murdoch empire -- which is particularly virulent in the UK -- which will sound completely in character for those of us afflicted by FOX news in the USA:
The Slog: "The easily recognisable elements of Rupert Murdoch’s style occur over and over again in his UK track record: lies, bullying, legal bribery, schmoozing top officials, illegal privacy invasion, falling standards of journalism, a preference for monopolies in his favour, and a steadily declining quality of editorial content."
we americans never hear about this stuff! as i have remarked a bit earlier, you have to seek out the foreign press in order to experience what the press is reputed to be about. being that murdoch is a uber-successful media mogul gives him and his empire a free pass through the looking glass in the USA. many a moral pipsqueak who aspires to a media career would be glad to drink the kool-aid and become a storm trooper for the only type of political correctness that pays well.

even the elite organizations like the new york times are nothing more than yapping cockapoos at the feet of the well-heeled or well-positioned. and only then, to get an "exclusive". otherwise, they are as fired up as over-medicated sloths.

comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable? forget that, bub. murdoch has proved to all those who are still paying attention that when it comes to the news business, it's just the same as anything else: follow the money.

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