Saturday, February 5, 2011

don't take the bait!

the problem with those of us who are seeking to overthrow the established order is we're too quick to claim victory and go home. we'll take half a loaf and consider it a win and be satisfied that things are on the right track -- just be patient.

i'm reading the mush on the wire that's coming from the mouths of government officials and talking heads here in the west regarding the egyptian revolution. obama and clinton and "the west" "back gradual egyptian transition" -- or so says the headline from the NYT.

we have it from reuters that "European powers urged Egypt on Saturday to change leaders rapidly but take its time holding elections, saying traditions of tolerance and fairness had to be built to make democracy work."

same day, same bullshit.

the story goes that the new #2 man, mubarak's right-hand torturer, omar suleiman, ought to be given a go in the driver's seat. you know, sit down with the interested parties and hammer out some kind of "compromise" that restores confidence of the international community -- and just about anyone with a stake in the outcome, except the egyptian people.

this is not the time for talk. this is the time to go for the gusto, as the beer commercial put it.

that means that mubarak and his cronies should be put on trial, and be executed for their crimes. all the ill-gotten wealth of the elites, that used their access to the regime to profit at the expense of the people, should forfeit their ill-gotten gains. maybe a few ought to be executed, too -- just for good measure.

i'm so tired of the namby-pamby approach to politics on the left. we're supposed to be so hardcore and diabolical, but about the most militant are the guys trying to shut down puppy mills.

the right has no compunction about threatening and using force. they play for keeps, which is why people take them seriously, and why the common person sees them as fighting for something (although it may amount to horseshit). if you believe in something, you need to be willing to fight for it.

this is why obama is nothing but an appeaser, and gets zero respect from his opponents. they know they can walk all over him, and he just gets up, dusts himself off and asks, what can i do for you folks?

let's hope the egyptian people are falling for this bullshit. there's ample evidence so far that they aren't waiting for the appeaser obama or any of the other "freedom loving" western powers to come to their aid, nor are they naive enough to accept their assurances that they chill out, and trust mubarak and his murderous thugs will do the right thing.

after all, you're asking them to believe the people who enabled their oppressors for more than a generation, a bunch of hypocritical, self-serving liars who don't care anything about freedom and democracy. they're on the same side as mubarak, and they deserve the same fate.

let's hope they get it -- sooner rather than later!

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