Thursday, February 24, 2011

bye-bye julian!

when you fuck with a ruthless government as we have in the US, they will spare no effort or expense to make their target pay the price for insolence. julian assange of wikileaks is being brought down by allegations of sexual improprieties, a well-known CIA gambit for ruining people, and we'll see his eventual destruction completed by the corrupt legal institutions of the western world. as his mother points out, in reaction to his pending extradition to sweden to initiate their fiendish plot:

Assange to appeal extradition to Sweden: "Christine Assange says her son has been abandoned by the Australian government and left to operate under a flawed legal process. 'It's a real David and Goliath situation,' Christine Assange told AAP.

'You've got misuse of the European arrest warrant, first time ever that it's been used this way.

'I would say that what we're looking at here is political and legal gang rape of my son.'"

i would say that julian certainly wasn't very smart to let himself be setup this way, but face it, it's the oldest trick in the book. after all, mordechi vanunu found out the hard way that it's easy to bait in a horny guy. then the only person who gets a royal screwing is the dumb fuck who was thinking with his dick instead of his brain.

we can only applaud the good work that assange did while he was able, and feel sorry for the price he will now pay on our behalf. he may be a bit conceited, but what he did was primarily of benefit to billions of people around the world, and not himself. there's a reason that even in roman catholicism mythology, venial sins are the least serious. in dante's circles of hell, the people who are exposed in the wikileaks documents are by far the ones whose crimes will be most severely punished.

my remaining hope here is that the "insurance" file that wikileaks circulated, just in case, will now be opened up to the world. i hope that ALL the remaining documents in wikileaks' possession will be released, unredacted, post-haste -- especially the ones purportedly relating to bank of america. there is nothing more effective against the beast that controls the world than to strike at its heart: the financial system.

the sooner we can drive a stake through that black, seething mass on decay and disease, the sooner we can be liberated from the oppressors who even now are trying to turn us into a world of serfs.

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