Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it doesn't get any more pathetic than this

one of the CIA's men gets arrested after gunning down a couple of pakistanis, and is found out to be involved in some rather hinky clandestine activities. the US government claims he has diplomatic immunity, but the authorities are playing hard to get with their catch. this alone is pretty explosive stuff -- since when does an american client state, and long-term aid recipient, turn down orders from headquarters?

but then comes this, from a canadian newspaper -- which is the only way you ever get real news in the USA any more:

In Pakistan, CIA’s Activities Come Under Glare After Murder Charge Against American - "Davis’s link to the C.I.A. was first mentioned in the western press on Sunday by the London Guardian newspaper after several U.S. news organizations, including a Denver TV channel, the Associated Press and The New York Times, agreed to hold stories about Davis’s shadowy employer.

A columnist on wrote Monday that the Times, America’s most influential broadsheet, should be “humiliated” for “allowing the U.S. Government to run around affirmatively depicting Davis as some sort of Holbrooke-like diplomat' while it concealed “ highly relevant information about Davis because the Obama administration told it to.”"
of course, this is pretty much SOP any more in the US media. they are part of the corporate-security-banking state in american, a reliable conduit for official propaganda. there is no longer even any pretense of objectivity and laying the facts end to end so the audience can make sense of their world.

we have seen the FOX news model of deliberate advocacy journalism on behalf of the state become the status quo for the status quo. they will lie and misdirect and conceal, and fluff up their reports with meaningless drivel, in order to bore the audience to death.

the american public's ignorance and cluelessness about any issue of importance in their lives is the result of carefully crafted nonsense that is scientifically formulated to induce intellectual coma. the american public doesn't think, because it can't. it doesn't relate to reality because everyone's senses are meticulously wrapped in gauze, then encased in hard plastic. this impenetrable shell prevents the entrance of information and ideas that could spawn cognitive dissonance.

while it's fun to joke about how stupid and brain-dead the majority of people in the US seem to be, there is a breaking point, at which the illusions start to fizzle out, where reception becomes so poor that people are no longer in tune to the government's consume-at-all-costs frequency. in other words, when folks can no longer afford the cheap diversions which separate them from the harsh reality that lies just beyond the mythical land of american exceptionalism, they'll start to come down off the acid that ronald reagan sold 'em 30 years ago.

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