Monday, February 21, 2011

price of oil going up -- the wazoo!

i have on the other tab a report from ABC-disneyworld news, quoting an oil tycoon in tex-ass, explaining to the poor, brainless, SUV-driving american schmuck, that there's a one-word explanation of rising earl prices.

he spells it L-I-B-Y-A.

my spelling translates that to B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!

how could this be? "Andrew Lipow, president of Lipow Oil Associates in Houston... has been following gas prices one way or another for more than 30 years," so why wouldn't he be an authoritative source for reliable, understandable, fact-based information on the rocketing price?

on the way home from work this afternoon, incidentally, a gallon of unleaded has gone up .15 cents in one day -- to $3.15 a gallon. while still cheap by international standards, the last time the cocktail of the american dream reached these prices -- during the summer before the collapse in 2008 -- the public was about to have a major conniption. i mean, genuine, ass-based heartburn seized the republic.

what's going on now in MENA -- middle east, north africa, for those slow on the acronym tip -- is upsetting the political status quo in the region, vis a vis american political hegemony, with our reliable dictators being dealt out of the game -- replaced with jacks instead of jokers.

the oil still gets pumped, gets shipped, refined and put on the global market. it's just not the american earl companies who necessarily get first dibs. there are plenty of other customers with hard cash, ready to spend, whether it be china, india, brazil and the rest of the rising economic powers.

the US, on the other hand, has used military muscle and corruption to prop up these client regimes, who make it possible to plunder the wealth of resource-rich fiefdoms while leaving the restless citizenry clutching air. this system has carried the day for six decades -- the last three of which has seen the imperial goon squads within the US attempting to impose the corrupt regimes on the fringes of the empire on the domestic population.

since the ascension of saint ronald the rancid in the political version of american idol, the oligarchy's patient drive to revoke the social compact of the new deal, and replace it with a new, dirty deal for working people, has continued without pause.

in the process of stealing everything that isn't nailed down, and then taking the crow bar to that, too, successive republican presidents, and the alternating democratic scam artists in this good cop-bad cop confidence game, have squandered trillions of dollars of the wealth of others in the process of enriching themselves. after tripling, doubling and doubling again the national debt, they have finally reached a point where the entire economy is teetering on the edge of collapse.

of all the things they've ruined, the currency may be the one that most provides a bit of shock therapy to the somnambulist nation USA -- the first real taste of poverty that most of us have ever experienced. our grandparents and elderly parents (unless you're an immigrant) are the only ones in our midst who know the real pain of genuine economic collapse.

(in this regard, it's a bit like war -- we're the first to cheer the troops with their shock-and-awe displays of killing professionalism and efficiency. yet it's all observed from a great distance, with the cheering section separated from the destruction and agony by 5,000 miles of technological wizardry.)

so let us again consider: are the events in MENA causing the rapid escalation of gasoline prices at the pump here in the US? or is it something completely more insidious, and kept out of the mass media's discussion of the cause of our pain?

are we dealing with the after effects of ben bernanke and the FED printing wheelbarrow-loads of worthless paper money, flooding the globe with dollars in an effort to refloat the economy and blow yet more speculative bubbles, to keep the wall street bankers' perpetual ponzi schemes rolling on?

i reckon it's the latter. again, the oil still flows as it always has. the only ones who are really discomfited by the disposal of these toilet-filling, US-backed regimes in the oil-rich areas of the globe are the hustlers and cheats of the elites who are used to calling the shots and cashing in on the deals -- not to mention the rest of us, who've been their unwitting enablers as we bought the snake oil of the profits of republicanism saint ronnie, saint newt, saint turdblossom, saint johnny boner and the virgin scary, sarah satan.

i'm not looking forward to being poor and living on the street, but when i think of all the victims of US imperialism -- both abroad and at home -- i think to myself, why shouldn't we? we were the fools who allowed the skies to cloud up and shit on this exceptional land.

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