Friday, February 18, 2011

noxious news, you lose

the US house "slogs" through it's $1.2 trillion spending bill, and it shows its true corporate colors. while the dems seem to be particularly adept and coming up with giveaways to the banksters and wall street, the GOPper cousins are working the corporate and industrial space for freebies and giveaways.

the ABC disney-ized report says the bullseye is on the EPA, SEC and commodities futures trading commission, where the regulatory burden on their sugar daddies has got these screaming jesuses on the right in a tizzy. let markets do their work! let markets police themselves! get the government off our backs! you know the refrain.

since when did giant corporations become the good guys in our corporate media space, such that we're the poopsies to their fat-ass, daddy-warbucks entreaties to keep our dirty mitts off their businesses? i'll tell you, it wasn't during the progressive era that busted the trusts and monopolies of the guilded age. it wasn't in the '30s, when most of the regulations against wild-eyed speculation with other folks money was finally codified and made the rules of the game.

if you've been following the news lately, you may have heard of hunton & williams, a nice, hometown lawfirm here in richmond, va., that's at the epicenter of the smash wikileaks scandal. the justice department plays footsie with these guys, and sends corporate miscreants, who need expert guidance in eliminating opponents, their way.

a partner of the firm, back in the 1970s, authored the manifesto that the corporate ruling classes have used since then to insinuate themselves into the very fiber of the government's being. they have metathesized to the point where corporate control has totally subsumed the host organism. now big corporations own the US government.

this partner? none other than lewis powell, the late supreme court justice. a very interesting subject, for anyone wishing to learn how things work.

but back to the noxious news from DC. the GOPper house majority is preparing their super-whopper, as-you-like-it big-business budget, and defunding any and all brakes on corporate larceny and recklessness. this is their primary function and goal, and for good measure they wrap it with anti-abortion silver paper, with a red bow symbolizing the blood of their victims.

the hapless democrats, who were ineffectual when they possessed a overwhelming majority in both houses of congress, as well as the white house, seem even less relevant that ever, with their protestations amounting to a stamp of their tiny feet in a gesture of defiance. what a gesture.

we get nothing from our representatives in government, because the only ones who are really players are the people who own the media and the government. the fired up minions of mammon, the rabid, tea-party goons, have never amounted to more than a quarter of the voters, but everyone else is so underwhelmed with their choices and the results they get from voting that they've simply tuned it all out.

this suits the masters fine. they'll take their show-horses on the raving-lunatic right, show them crushing all opposition on the nightly news, until we're standing around with our hands in empty pockets, asking ourselves what day it is.

my advice is, buy all the vaseline you can afford.

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