Thursday, February 24, 2011

nothing like shooting yourself in the ass

from the red-meat center of the universe, and the trumpter of the politics of the new normal, comes word from on high. obama the bumbler has presided over the destruction of the very movement he and his election engendered. by his acrobatic reversals and backflips to assuage his GOP critics, he almost single-handedly has destroyed the democratic party's relevance on the US political stage:
Poll: Fewer states are solidly blue - Jennifer Epstein - "More than a dozen blue states turned purple between 2008 and 2010, Gallup found in its analysis of party affiliations in daily tracking polls.
Based on the party affiliations that people provided to pollsters, 14 states were considered solidly Democratic in 2010, with Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents outweighing Republicans by at least 10 percentage points. In 2009, that number was 24, and in 2008, when President Barack Obama was elected, 30 states were solidly Democratic by Gallup’s measure."

now, it bears mentioning that while obama's personal numbers are down to somewhere slightly south of 50 percent, the notoriously fickle public -- which really doesn't like anybody for very long -- absolutely loathed obama's predecessor for most of his second term.

after soaring to unknown heights of nationalistic hubris after the 9/11 debacle, bush crested and began an quick earthward trajectory that found him limping through reelection against a hapless opponent, and then resting at a constant 28 percent approval to the end of his mini regency.

so obama, under some pretty pathetic circumstances in the economy and foreign relations, appears to be holding his own in the very, very narrow context of presidental politics. the country is going to hell, of course, and the dollar might collapse at any time. his base has abandoned him in droves, leaving him with only somewhat approving sentiments among the amorphous middle as the country as a whole limps along toward an uncertain future -- recovery or collapse?

drink your milk.

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