Tuesday, February 22, 2011

from pariah to pussycat

when we read the latest news dispatches from official washington, we are washed over in the crocodile tears of ms. hillary and bambam the little lamb. they are so distraught that momo khadafi is being a bad sport and hurting his people, and they even went to the UN security council and made a noise about making him stop it.

funny, when their pardners in tel aviv said, no way, jose on the settlements freeze in the occupied palestinian territories, their voting arms went limp. they suffered from a rare form of cowardice-induced paralysis, which rendered them incapable of uttering certain syllables in the english language: S-T-O-P.

speaking of momo, remember when The Greatest President We Ever Had anointed the unhinged one Most Likely To Be Worse Than Hitler, before unleashing the F-16s on momo's tent in tripoli? those were the days, were they not, when the gentle giant, america, started to show its nerve? that's when, post-vietnam, DC gradually began rebuilding the american consensus for those little, friendly regime-changing dust-ups that now pretty much define the world's only remaining stupidpower.

we haven't changed, of course, but momo did. after being pariah for lo, those many years, he saw what the dubnub did to saddam, and suddenly found religion. he became a born-again friend to tony blair and behold, a new era of business opportunities bloomed. the freedom-loving western oligarchies decided to kiss and make up, letting bygones be bygones while the oil spigots opened and the kickbacks began.

the guardian had a piece today about how a sudden change was in the air for libyan dissidents, as well. once given the ear of the policy establishment, to cudgel against their erstwhile leader, they suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of the law. some of the less fortunate transited from being freedom-fighters to terrorists, eventually finding themselve rendered unto momo -- so he might have his way with them.

this deplorable but true situation, unfortunately, is more indicative of the western oligarchies' true sentiments towards those poor saps dying in the streets of tripoli, as the khadafi clan pummels them with the full variety of military implements that his sponsors at the International War-mongers Commodities Exchange can provide -- on credit, natch. in public our teary-eyed, reptilian-brained leaders put on a good show for the TV audience, while behind the scenes, we're told, barak the hopeless changeling has asked his CIA minions to prepare a plan on how to game the freedom markets in order to maximize ROI for the corporate shareholders of the US government.

in the junior nasty cadets department, we can't neglect to mention the anxiety over at the israeli trading desk. their shares are down since the crisis began, after an spectacular run of 30 years of thumbing their noses at the millions of arabs who surround them on three sides. it was only a short time ago that the fractured palestinian authority was so prostrate before the zionists that they practically begged to be spat upon and kicked. no PA offer, regardless of how humiliating and self-effacing, was even acknowledged by their negotiating "partners."

this makes the US veto of the security council resolution -- condemning the continuing settlement construction on occupied territory -- tougher than ever for a world grown tired of the arrogance of corrupt elites to stomach. the hypocrisy of the US is so unashamedly blatant that no one even bothers to defend the ongoing criminal enterprise behind this sorry state of affairs. the arabs, for one, have quit listening to the lies coming out of the west -- too busy throwing shoes at their own leaders to trouble themselves with ours.

yep, casting out the thieves from the temple, or throwing the bums out of office -- whatever you wanna call it. the level of dysfunction is egregious enough, and we ought to be able to see that which is in front of our faces. but if it's early yet, the first stirrings of a liberation movement are appearing, like crocuses out of the unnaturally warm soil. it's past time for us to cast out our corrupt leadership as well.

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