Sunday, February 27, 2011

gas guzzlers' hangover

we american's don't know how much oil really costs. part of what has made the US so exceptional up until now is that our oil habit as been subsidized by the government. it doesn't seem that way, with the ebb and rise of prices through this or that season or global drama, but we don't pay what others around the world do to keep their vehicles rolling.

you think we don't get any benefit out of our military muscle, which is regularly flexed in areas of maximum global interest? just like that piece of beach you'd like to spread out on, except for the "keep out" signs, up until now our aggressive posture around the globe has been a "NO TRESPASSING" sign to other powers to keep their mitts off our oil.

even the military muscle is just a tool that keeps the one true god of US global hegemony secure. and the holy of holies is the US dollar.

since the end of WWII, the dollar has been the global reserve currency, and that federal reserve note that's burning a hole in your pocket right this minute is the only unit of exchange out there if you're shopping for oil. our pals in saudi arabia have had a longstanding agreement with uncle sam to accept only greenbacks, and that's been good enough for the rest of the world -- until now.

in case you've been asleep for a decade or so, you might not realize how heavily indebted the US is -- the government and the people, too. backed by the mystical power of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, we've lived like there is no tomorrow -- just run a tab, we're good for it.

this has allowed us to maintain a standard of living where even people whose wages have been stagnant for 30 years can feel like big shots. the big shots, at the same time, have been living like kings, pissing away other folks' savings in all sorts of crazy ponzi schemes on wall street, and paying themselves bonuses for the brazenness of their larceny.

the government, meanwhile, is like the girl who couldn't say no. and the consequence is, whenever corporate courtiers come calling on their political handmaidens for this or that subsidy or bailout, they get what they came for. the politicians are so spineless and craven, meanwhile, that they can't say no to their constituents asking for more government handouts to support their own favorite special interest: themselves.

the whole system is setup to reward those who abdicate their responsibility for the fiscal well-being of the nation, which they sell out instantly in the interest of political expediency.

this runaway selfishness and greed has finally started to catch up with the working class people, who out of their own simple-minded dedication to self interest have bought the snake oil sold to them by the corporate-security state. low taxes and high benefits, all on the national credit card has been the surefire road to electoral success for washington's republicrats.

the monumental stupidity of the american public emboldened the bankistocracy to undertake the grandest swindle of all time, as a means of siphoning off the entire savings of the working classes by ruining home values and robbing pension plans blind. they were so successful at this that they practically ensured their own demise -- with the result that they extorted the government to the tune of as-yet uncounted trillions of dollars.

these trillions are now a sovereign debt, payable to the poor stiffs inhabiting these extra-exceptional united states (not to mentions even more, less-culpable foreigners).

what follows is an exceedingly ugly tale of the federal reserve bank -- a private corporation, owned and operated for the benefit of the giant, prosperity-killing banks -- has undertaking to flood the world with dollars. this is what the term quantative easing really means -- flooding the market with liquidity, on the theory that it will stimulate lending and spur economic activity.

in fact, the banks problems are not liquidity, it's insolvency. the infusion of cash allows the banks to conceal losses while the masterminds of this grand swindle pay themselves lavish bonuses.

while they are busy rewarding themselves with this funny money, have you noticed how gasoline prices are heading to the stratosphere? ditto the cost of food? did you even stop the think -- and then forget to start again?

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