Friday, February 4, 2011

growth industry: slime

today's coverage of the egyptian protests was filled with anecdotes of attacks on reporters and cameramen by mubarak's thugs.

rush limbaugh, fat-ass, drug-addled, elton john-loving, parasitic worm, made fun of the beating of new york times(-up) reporters, but then modified his snarky tone when the victims were FOX news robots. now that was something completely different!

anderson cooper got knocked in the head about 10 times, and aj-jazeera's crew was rounded up, and their equipment confiscated, before being released.

a prominent egyptian blogger, on the other hand, was snatched up by the government, and hasn't been heard from since...

this is what they do to journalists in the netherworld of the right wing... it's the same mentality that had our own pundit class calling for the head of julian assange on a platter.

it's just that when the shoe doesn't fit, we tend to walk like spastics. consistency has never been our strong point.

today's most laughable report, however, also comes from al-jazeera: the pro-mubarak hired muscle, picking up a theme from egyptian state TV, laced their attacks on many journalists with taunts that they were jewish spies.

this from a regime that is on the US government payroll, has a "peace treaty" with the jewish state, and serves to empower and legitimize the israeli occupation of palestine -- and with it the humiliation of arabs and muslims by the zionist fanatics that control the government in tel aviv.

nothing discredits this cretins more effectively than their own words and tactics.

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