Monday, February 28, 2011

adios, wisconsin?

it looks like wisconsin is out, and charlie sheen is in.

even the oscars couldn't hold a candle to this slow-motion train wreck unfolding in real time on the small screen.

the networks -- at least the ones that aren't losing money because their top star became a basket case -- are eager to cash in on the bewildering spectacle of a guy who had it all, and seems to be unconcerned as he pisses it all away.

i'm sure this doesn't compute to an television audience that lives its life vicariously through that of its biggest stars.

sheen isn't half as crazy as he looks, however. he's just, as close as i can tell, decided that the lies that make the system work are no longer interesting enough to keep mindlessly repeating.

to walk, talk and act like a celebrity in the USA is to be a pitchman for the lies that hollywood peddles on behalf of the guys who handle their investment portfolios.

it looks like charlie sheen is a robot who's logic board is fried, and his performance is a sneak peek at the singularity -- when robots rule the world.

but instead of happy, well-adjusted and benevolent robots, they'll be arrogant and self-absorbed, and eager to tell the human race to piss off.

the oscars just don't have the same mass appeal as moral and social disintegration.

sarah palin, on the other hand, embodies exactly the same impulses.

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