Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Revolution is Televised

linh dinh is the shit!

The Revolution is Televised

i visit his photo blog, state of the union, every day. this is not the fluff and puff photography on the specialist websites.

i can personally vouch for the observations in this paragraph:

Nowadays, Americans are constantly urged to be vigilant of suspicious activities. Even taking photos in a public place can draw attention from the authorities. I myself have been harassed in several states. Citing the Patriot Act, a bike riding private security guard threatened to arrest me in Kansas City, KS. In Cleveland, a Greyhound bus driver kicked me off his bus because I refused to store my expensive camera and lenses in the luggage hold. Stories like these abound. With so much hysteria drummed up by Homeland Security, one would think that bombs are constantly being planted all over America, but in fact, the exact opposite is true. When a bomb plot is actually discovered, more often than not it is the work of the FBI!

we are nothing but a boxcar of nervous nellies being carted off to the slaughterhouse. i had to go through the routine just yesterday with one of the local yokels, who stopped me for "walking with camera." she wanted me to show her my photos, but i declined. it simply would've caused her too much cognitive dissonance to try to understand why i had taken a number of shots of a gnarled, twisted pine tree at the edge of an overgrown dump.

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