Friday, February 4, 2011

just the way you like it

i have read the headlines about how the obama administration is talking with egyptian officials about the departure of mubarak.

talking about it.

it's obvious that he who pays the piper calls the tune. obama talks with a big stick but he walks like he's got a 2x4 up his ass.

if the US wants mubarak to go, mubarak has already got his $$$ in overseas bank accounts. they just need to fuel up his private jet and let his brother thugs in saudi arabia know he's on the way. another ousted dictator is no problem -- they're all just like family.

of course, we have nervous netanyahu who's pacing the floor and wondering whether god's hand is going to reach down from heaven and pull his ass out of the fire on this one. otherwise he deserves a rich heartburn in his butt for all cynical, outrageous and inhuman acts done in the name of the state of israel vis a vis the palestinian people.

when there was ample time, incentive and opportunity to make a just and lasting peace, the israelis instead relied to political chicanery and a bad-faith negotiations game that caught the palestinians between the zionists and the puppets of their powerful patron.

now the israelis are feeling anxious that there will be a new order in the arab world, and that the people of the region will no longer be merely powerless bystanders as their nations are kept under the heel of the great imperial power.

when obama tells mubarak to stop harassing and beating journalists, they will stop. when obama tells mubarak to call off his thugs beating peaceful protesters, the thugs will stop.

when obama tells mubarak it's time to go, mubarak will go. our president still holds all the cards when it comes to mubarak; what he says goes.

if mubarak ain't moving, it's because he's being told to stand pat. we'll see how long that lasts...

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