Sunday, February 20, 2011

saturday's jaunt

i only left the house once on sunday -- to go to the grocery store. that's pretty unmotivated for me, but sometimes i think i'm just getting overwhelmed with sensory input. i need a timeout from all the toys and technology that bogs down my brain.

i'm trying not to become a muddlehead.

on saturday, i did a bit of exploring downtown. back to shockoe hill cemetery, where the great whig editor is buried, and then on to downtown, where the democrats' jefferson-jackson day soiree was in full swing. i had no idea that the jacksonian democrats were foes of the whigs! besides, that, there was a gospel quintet, glorious, strutting its stuff in front of barky's spiritual store on broad street, as well as the usual hordes of ordinary people on the block.

here are some pictures:

sarah mills, tomb in the middle, was born 226 years ago on 2/20!

the symbolism of the cross through the crown has
always interested me
the hustlers on the street these days are the developers, who despite the crash
of the real estate bubble seem to have ready access to cash. 
this is the quintet 'Glorious,' belting out the spirituals in front of barky's. dunno about the chick in purple.
not sure whether this is their publicist or just a fan
too bad the city had to be tearing up the sidewalk this week
name your poison
you can't take a day off from life, no matter what...
here's the new miracle-mobile, on display at the jeff-jackson day event at the convention center. any truth to the rumor it runs on piss?
traci was a little embarassed to be caught by a photographer while on the phone
gratuitous shot of homeless woman outside the swanky downtown hotels
okay, one more homeless guy, taking a break from the blustery midday hustle on broad street, while a convention-goer chats on his cell

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