Monday, February 28, 2011

which romney?

it's a stab from the past:
"Mitt Romney is on top in Michigan, according to a new poll.
A survey by the Lansing-based polling firm EPIC/MRA found President Barack Obama trailing the former Massachusetts governor in a hypothetical matchup by 5 points, 41 to 46 percent." Poll: Romney romps over Obama in Michigan - Juana Summers -

maybe they're thinking about george romney, and not mitt... michigan was on a roll back when the old man was governor! mitt isn't going to be able to turn back the clock, no matter how pervasive the historical amnesia. the public stays in a perpetual state of denial about the dismal results of its political choices over the past several decades. wishful thinking about reincarnating past happiness in the form of present shape-shifters like mitt will not validate americans' exceptional delusions.

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