Wednesday, February 23, 2011

screw you, too!

Israeli president: Suez ships a 'cheap provocation' - "Israeli President Shimon Peres, speaking on Wednesday at a meeting with government leaders, diplomats and journalists in Madrid, said that while Iran's Suez trip was a 'cheap provocation,' it is not by itself a serious 'threat.'
'The real threat stands as a clear warning sign to you and the entire world -- Iran is developing nuclear weapons of mass destruction,' Peres said, according to a statement from his office citing his comments."

you couldn't find a more obvious example of hypocrisy if you tried. when it comes to provocation, the israelis are masters of the art. and when they antics rile their neighbors, they run to big brother, uncle sam, to bail them out. they are stone-cold pussies without a shred of decency. they go through the motions of "negotiations" with their palestinian play-actor counterparts, while not intending in the least to come to any terms from the other side -- except total, complete, unequivocal capitulation. if this isn't a provocation to the millions of arabs living in the neighborhood, i don't know what it.

as for the nuclear bugaboo, a commentator wrote recently that iraq probably doesn't want a nuclear bomb -- but they want people to think they have one. not least the israelis. the zionists, of course, have their own nuclear arsenal, and not one or two weapons, either. they've got the whole 9 yards: atomic, hydrogen, neutron, name your poison. it's nothing but an instrument of blackmail against the neighboring countries, creating an unbalance of terror across the region. so long and US puppets were running these neighboring states, the status quo suited the israelis quite well. and after washington disposed of their other obstacle to domination, saddam, there's just one more to eradicate to complete the imperial project. "security" means never having to say you're sorry.

incidentally, the iranian regime gets no sympathy from me, either. it's throughly rotten and has long ago overstayed its welcome. what we are waiting for, and shall in the not-distance future, is a complete repudiation of the retrograde, repressive policies of the clerical regime. it will be replaced, i'm quite hopeful, by a modern, rational government that reflects the aspirations of the iranian people -- not the bunker mentality that has been cultivated by the west in confronting the mullahs. a world of confrontation and conflict is what the new generation does NOT want. and i hope they get it.

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