Sunday, February 6, 2011

palin flaps lips on egypt

sarah palin, taking a break from trying to get her name trademarked, came out swinging on the obama administration this past week, telling her christian broadcast network interviewer that they'd better not let the muslim brotherhood take over!

sarah is riding high, egged on by her adoring crowds and her business manager. politics for profit -- this is the new model for the 21st century -- reality TV stars who think they know as much as real experts!

i give the obama administration no kudos for its foreign policy, which in most respects seems to be a retread of the bush regime's -- albeit a little nicer in the PR department.

but palin? it's the same sickness that afflicts the US generally... what the FUCK business is it of ours who the egyptians choose as their leaders? come on, now. just because we let corporation choose ours is no reason to think the egyptians will accept anything less than democracy -- the real thing.

the US seems to think that after we squandered all that loot on the mubarak regime -- and all the other dictatorial clients we string along around the globe -- that they somehow owe us! nobody owes you anything, sarah palin. nobody gives a shit about your mealy mouthed imprecations, hillary.

barak, go shoot some hoops, you hopeless boob.

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