Thursday, February 24, 2011

slimy tentacles of corruption spread far and wide

it's the money, fool. always follow the money!
Libya placed billions of dollars at U.S. banks-WikiLeaks | News by Country | Reuters: "LONDON Feb 24 (Reuters) - Libya's secretive sovereign wealth fund has $32 billion in cash with several U.S. banks each managing up to $500 million, and it has primary investments in London, a confidential diplomatic cable shows. The cable, obtained by WikiLeaks and revealing the details of a January meeting between the head of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and the U.S. ambassador in Tripoli, comes as the United States and European governments explored the possibility of freezing assets belonging to the Libyan government."
one more reason to crucify assange, for allowing the rest of the world to see the machinations of the plutocracy as its tentacles spread around the world, passing its contagion throughout the world's resource-rich regions.

there will be blood, and wars. we will not see this resolved by dialog and compromise -- for the ruling elites, this is a go-for-broke time, in order to consolidate their holdings.

what's forcing their hands appears to be the BRIC countries -- brazil, russia, india and china. i think there's going to be a serious diplomatic shoving match coming along, as the fight over assets and resources gets intense.

while the protests in the several nations in MENA appears, on surface, to be about political and economic concerns of these nations' citizens, at the same time it puts control over the goodies up in the air, and into play for those savvy enough to grab them in the rumble that ensues.

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