Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wicked Witch of the West lectures Pakistan

Hillary Clinton took her traveling road show to Pakistan, urging in the strongest possible terms that the government and security service there get in line and help ensure US "success" in its futile crusade in neighboring Afghanistan:
The Associated Press: Clinton in Pakistan seeking strong antiterror push: "ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is in Pakistan to personally deliver a blunt Obama administration demand that Pakistani authorities step up counterterror efforts against insurgents operating on the border with Afghanistan.
Clinton arrived in Islamabad on Thursday from Afghanistan, where she pointedly told Pakistan that it must be part of the solution to the Afghan conflict. She says the U.S. expects the Pakistani government, military and intelligence services to take the lead in not only fighting Pakistan-based militants but also in encouraging Afghan militants to reconcile with Afghan society."
US government officials have now overseen the exit of Qaddafi in Libya and Hillary was there to give our henchmen a pat on the back; then she flew to Kabul to give Karzai the business for not taking US objectives for his country seriously enough. It's tough being Secretary of State these days -- when the real action in in the Pentagon and CIA.

Still, the show must go on, and Hillary is nothing if not a player. She goes where the script writers send her and she dresses down uncooperative politicians in the countries straining at the US leash. Pakistan, with mortal enemy India cozying up to the Americans as a counterweight to China, is seeking a more reliable friend and patron than the poobahs in DC. Ms. Clinton is sure to let them know that the US is their bestest best friend, and they'd better not forget it!

Of course, Hillary isn't dumb. She knows the US position is weak, and that no one would give a whoop if the US fell into a deep hole and couldn't get out. Since no one will taunt a wounded grizzly bear, however, those who are tired of western arrogance in their region will not be too scrupulous in policing rogue elements within the military and security services, to ensure they won't help those who are making the lives of these American interlopers miserable.

So, Hillary is wasting her time but it's still an opportunity for the rest of us to observe how tenuous the position of the US is in them thar hills.

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