Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If Cain has a chance, how about the country?

While the Politico belabors the question of whether Herman Cain has a chance at becoming the GOP nominee and president, is that really the real pertinent question? See if you can spot the obviously corrupt nature of the discussion:
Does Herman Cain really have a chance? - Political Hotsheet - CBS News: "Polls suggest that Herman Cain is one of the front-runners for the GOP presidential nomination. So why is it that most political insiders privately dismiss his chances?

The one-word answer: Money.

The conventional wisdom in Washington - and it is grounded in recent history - is that you can't win a presidential election without wealthy donors behind you. "
According to Politico, then, Cain's principle deficit is financial. That he's a former corporate henchman, Federal Reserve Bank honcho and supported by the Koch brothers financial empire is somehow studiously overlooked, while the insiders busy themselves with the question of who can put together a better traditional political operation.

The questions that really matters is, does the US have a chance when its leaders are at the beck and call of those with the money to finance their media and PR operations. Politics has ceased to have any meaning the the conventional sense,, and has devolved into a contest of big economic interests competing against one another for a perceived advantage in extorting favors and benefits out of the government.

Herman Cain is simply the latest hired clown of the influence-buying machine, and the level of cynicism that propels his candidacy is so audacious as to astound even the veteran hucksters of this political circus. If anything gives one a sense of futility in the continuation of the current system, this ought to be your wake-up call.

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