Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Antonio courthouse break-in: Can't we take a joke?

The frenetic and splenetic state security apparatus just got clocked by a bunch of merry, drunken Moroccan tourists who broke into a San Antonio courthouse and proceeded to acts like fools -- albeit very un-threatening fools.

The right-wing new-o-tron worked itself into a tizzy over these peculiar antics, with convinced that it was a serious plot by dirty muslim sand niggers bent on destroying the country in league with Barky Obama, and that a cover-up is afoot. See how the maniacal plot takes shape:

First, from a "legitimate" news source:
San Antonio courthouse break-in may be just a prank, police say - "San Antonio authorities say five Moroccan men caught breaking into a downtown courthouse early Wednesday appeared to be pranksters, not terrorists.
Surveillance video from inside the courthouse showed two of the men wearing sombreros and waving a gavel, according to Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, who gave a briefing outside the courthouse Wednesday. He said the men appeared to "just be some guys on a prank."
Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz said the men speak little English but were cooperating with investigators with the help of an interpreter. All five were arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Sheriff's Deputy Chief Dale Bennett told The Times that the sombreros were taken from the courthouse law library and that some of the men appeared to be intoxicated when they were arrested.

The men, who were unarmed, were dressed casually (as seen on KSAT-San Antonio) and did not resist when they were arrested, Bennett said."
But this is not enough grist for a couple of chickens pecking in the front yard, so the jihad-watchers and Muslim baiters come back with an extended riff on the usual conspiracies that only they have the highly evolved senses to detect:
It may be true that the group of five French-Moroccans, three of whom have names on the FBI’s watch list, are not connected to terrorism and just made a very big mistake. However, there is more than enough reason to suspect that this isn’t the case, and the media and government officials have a duty to recognize that. There may be a bigger story here, but in part due to political correctness, it will fade away and be forgotten.
The previous quote came from some guy is a member of and Christian Action Network, which are both adjuncts to the execrable attempt by fundamentalists to hijack the US military establishment and turn it into a hammer with which to pummel the Islamic world -- New Age Crusaders, in other words.

One is reminded of the old Mick Jagger quip, "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke," but of course these people are already fucked in the head, and they don't need any encouragement to carry their misguided mission to the next level of insanity. This whole country is tied up in knots over boogey men creeping about, taking photographs of "landmarks" and bringing about the end of our cherished and most top-notch civilization.

We seem to have been seduced by the idea that malevolence has reached a new crescendo, that our enemies are more crafty and demonic than ever before, and that the threats to our way of life are an ever-present danger, when the fact is, the government itself is the biggest threat to liberty and security, having evolved to the point where we are no longer individual actors, but resources to be allocated and expended in the most productive, profitable manner.

And so it is that it becomes more and more difficult to accept as a fact that there are still some few humans left among us who get drunk and do crazy and foolish things without any deep-seated ideological agenda or desire to kill vast numbers of people.

What leads the hard-heads to demand iron-fisted response to mere fooling around? Truly, are we taking ourselves so seriously that a stupid prank cannot be what it is any more?

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