Monday, October 24, 2011

Fundraising idea for Obama's campaign

We read with interest this dispatch from Zanesville, Ohio, where the owner of a tattoo parlor is offering to donate the proceeds from tattoos to exotic animals abandoned by their owner last week:
Tattooing raises money for surviving Ohio animals: "People getting tattoos have helped the surviving exotic animals from an Ohio farm where the owner opened the cages and then killed himself last week.
Tattoo artist Billy White says he'll donate the proceeds from tattoos of tigers and other exotic animals that customers bought through Saturday at his shop in Zanesville, the city near Terry Thompson's farm."
The idea of getting a tattoo in exchange for contributions to a worthy cause seems a perfect fit for at least one fundraising operation that needs a boost:

Barack Obama ought to get a drawing of a Wall Street banker tattooed on his ass, with the words "I love fatcats" stenciled in below it.

What better way for Obama to make up for the time he referred to them as "fat cats" and hurt their feelings? He'd be showing his sincerity, going where no even Mitt Romney would dare to go.

Just think of the effect on all the other presidential candidates -- how on Earth are they going to top a stunt like this?

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