Wednesday, October 26, 2011

US politicians growing impatient with OWS protests

Depending on where you look there's some coverage today of events in Oakland, CA and Atlanta last night, when OWS protesters were arrested. According to the conventional narrative being circulated in the corporate media today, mayors in cities with OWS protests are growing "impatient" with the demonstrations:
Atlanta, Oakland arrests show impatience with Occupy Wall Street - "More than two months after protesters launched the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, patience is wearing thin in some cities, including Atlanta and Oakland, where police have begun to crack down on local demonstrations against corporate greed and big financial institutions."
In the capital of spectacle, the USA, we grow tired of spectacles that last more than their allotted span of a couple of weeks. After that, they become a burdensome nuisance, straining city budgets for police overtime and associated expenses. It costs lots of money to suppress dissent -- and face it, in the land of the free, this kind of stuff isn't supposed to happen.

Well, that's wishful thinking at its best. Some thoughtful writers, like Glenn Greenwald, have finally started thinking about what's different this time, that's finally evoked a popular response that not only endures, but seems to be picking up steam as time goes on. In a sense, when it reaches a point like this, the authorities will feel obliged to come down hard on the protesters, lest things start getting out of hand.

Interestingly, when these mass protests began sweeping Tahrir Square in Cairo, nobody was talking about how unpleasant the smell of human excrement was, or how it interfered with business. Sensitivities in the US must be more finely tuned than in underdeveloped countries, where it's expected that protesters take their grievances and bodily fluids home with them, and not annoy the tourists.

The government is gradually turning up pressure against the OWS demonstrators, hoping to discourage the protests from growing and spreading, One wonders how long it'll take before rubber bullets are replaced with real ones...

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