Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Underwear bomber" -- another "victory" in terror war

the so-called "underwear bomber" folded in federal court today, pleading guilty to all counts against him in a surprise turn of events:
"Underwear bomber" changes plea to guilty - CBS News: "DETROIT - A Nigerian man pleaded guilty Wednesday to attempting to bring down an international flight over Detroit with a bomb in his underwear, telling a surprised courtroom on the second day of his trial that the failed attack was retaliation for the killing of Muslims worldwide."
how very convenient that the facts surrounding umar farouk abdulmutallab's boarding of a aircraft bound for the US without the proper travel documents will never be aired in a public venue.

for the national security industry in the US abdulmutallab's plot to detonate a bomb hidden in his undergarments has proved to pay off incredible dividends, striking a nerve in the fear-conditioned US public during the height of the xmas consumerist holiday. a jetload of innocent lives -- as dubya bush might have called them -- threatened with sudden death at the hands (or should we say the ass and private parts) of this malcontent from the dark continent...

if the terrorists were anywhere nearly as menacing and deadly as they are portrayed in the hysteria-mongering mass media, bumblers and incompetents such as abdulmutallab would not be committing acts of such brazen ineptitude -- and yet, it invariably comes to this. another hapless sap goes down in the triumph of the crusaders over islam.

if a guy can't set fire to his own ass, then it's difficult to perceive him as a threat to the nation. on the other hand, a government that can nullify the rights given to its citizens by our nation's constitution, and can kill dissenters and troublemakers at will, now that is very threatening, and very dangerous to all of us.

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