Thursday, October 20, 2011

They finally offed MoMo, so we can be happy!

Well, the NATO coalition finally achieved a hard-won "success" as it's minions on the ground finally dispatched the dictator Qaddafi today in a Libyan ditch. So ends the West's most recent "humanitarian intervention," with a bold stroke for freedom and prosperity for the oppressed Libyan population:
Moammar Kadafi dead: Deposed Libyan leader killed - "Reporting from Cairo— Deposed Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi, declared dead Thursday, was an eccentric junior military officer who seized power in a coup and 42 years later lost his country in a bloody revolt as rebels backed by NATO warplanes swept into his battered capital, Tripoli.
Libya’s transitional prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril, said Thursday that the 69-year-old former strongman had been killed, but there were conflicting accounts of how he died. One report indicated that he died after being found hiding in his hometown, Surt, in what appeared to be a concrete drainage pipe. Another said he was in a convoy bombed by NATO warplanes."
Now that the celebrations can begin, we can commence with the collective amnesia and rewriting of history that usually accompanies these types of colonial interventions in the 3rd world.

We can go about forgetting that Qaddafi had hit the last straw with his proposal to establish a new currency in which to sell his country's oil, the gold dinar. Once one of these tinpot dictators steps over the line and challenges the supremacy of the almighty petrodollar, his regime's days are numbered.

All who know the history remember what became of Saddam in Iraq, when he announced that he would begin selling oil denominated in Euros.

Of all the slimy false pretexts for an imperial intervention, this one's UN resolution to impose a no-fly zone to protect the civilian population turned out to be the most cynical abuse of the world body yet. NATO proved to be an instrument for western hegemony over the former colonies of the late European powers, who still covet the resources of their former subjects -- and don't mind using their military muscle to steal them.

We live in a world ruled by power financial interests. The empowerment of the Libyan Transitional Council is simply the local face of international bankers and multinational corporations, who pursue with laser-like focus on the exploitation of resources and peoples for their own self interest. When Qaddafi was a pliant and cooperative vassal to this system of control, he could be feted by the likes of Tony Blair and Barack Obama. Once he'd outlived his usefulness to these piranhas, his bloodied corpse was left behind as a reminder to all those who dare to oppose.

Farewell, MoMo. You had a good run while it lasted, and now the Libyan people can discover just how much better off they will be under the new bosses.

For their sakes, one hopes for a post-war resolution that resembles that of Baghdad after the US toppled Saddam.

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