Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mekons on tour, 2011

if you're reading this, i probably don't have to tell you about who the mekons are or why anyone would care. just for the hell of it, though, the follow photos were taken on thursday, oct. 6, 2011 at a club named iota in arlington, va. -- last time i checked, one of the US' five wealthiest zip codes. talk about incongruent...

i came early, the result of leaving directly after work and driving for two hours from richmond. after getting lost and roaming the urban canyons of the city, i eventually recognized the grocery store with valet parking, which i remembered being around the corner from iota from my previous visit -- was it 2005?

the early arrival permitted me to catch the mekons in their sound check -- which was a glimpse into the way the mekons interact with one another when they aren't performing. this is something you won't see if you're on your ass, drunk, screaming "rock and roll!" during the show.

then follows a few shots of the vocalists' doing their "star turns" at the mike, which i could only get by standing precariously on my chair, since for an acoustic show, this was definitely NOT a sit-down affair. enjoy.

Lu Edmonds with his saz, looking the part of biblical patriarch

Jon Langford, who had picked up a bug somewhere, and was bit subdued 

Rico Bell, Sarah Corina and Sally Timms

Lu, Susie Honeyman and Steve Goulding.

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