Monday, October 24, 2011

Death of Gaddafi: Give it a rest

It may be in poor taste to put it so bluntly, but isn't all the hand-wringing over the circumstance of Gaddafi's death like beating a dead horse?
Libya to investigate Gaddafi’s death - The Washington Post: "BENGHAZI, Libya — Libya’s interim government said Monday it will investigate the death of Moammar Gaddafi under international pressure, but authorities remained divided over what to do with the former leader’s decomposing corpse after four days of public viewing."
What will such an exercise reveal? It will probably be a bit like the "autopsy" that reportedly was performed: was the bullet hole in the corpse's head not obvious enough?

Now this new "government" can't even decide what to do with the body, for pete's sake. Can these imposters not even give the man the decency of a proper burial, without further posturing for the cameras?

Hillary Clinton was impressed enough by these new "leaders" that she paraded her ass around with them on the evening news. Could she maybe ask, politely of course, that they at least show a little compassion on a guy who, after all, was willing to accept the US' prisoners for torture. Isn't that the least that can be arranged, for old times' sake.

As it stands, Gaddafi's corpse lies a-moldering in

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