Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Political risk consultancy: Money for nothing

Do people actually make money writing this stuff? Do they actually find paying customers for such obviousness?
FEATURE-With Gaddafi dead, Libyans wary of the enemy within | Reuters: "Political risk consultancy Stratfor estimates that Libya has up to 140 tribes but only 30 have any particular significance and ubiquitous hatred for Gaddafi united Libya's factitious population during the battle to oust the despot after 42 years.

But with the dictator gone, some wonder how Libya's 6 million people, scattered thinly across the vast desert country and long plagued by regional and tribal rivalries, will remain in agreement to face the daunting challenge of nation building.

"The prospect of increased friction or violent conflict between the country's tribes, clans and ethnic groups (specifically between the Arabs and Berbers) remains a serious source of concern," risk consultancy Maplecroft said in a report released in August."
When you look at the imperial dreamers here in the West -- we frequently refer to them as neocons -- you can easily see their strategy for places like Libya: divide and conquer.

What happened to Libya may look like the peoples' victory over a tyrant, but the fact is an ugly one: they were had by outsiders who want their resources, and will swiftly kick the source of their popular support to the curb now that they've solidified their grip on power.

See how quickly this regime restores commercial ties with the MNCs and IMF. The wealth of Libya will be carted out of the country non-stop, until every last morsel has been devoured by the rapacious imperialists.

This is not about the popular will. That was an illusion to draw people together in order to serve the agenda of outsiders who are used to getting their way -- and then getting away with it!

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