Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New from the "brain" of McCain

A bleating loser, if there ever was one, is John McCain on Obama's latest foray by bus in search of his lost electoral mandate:
McCain blasts Obama's tour -- and his bus: "It sounded like a reprise of the 2008 election.
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., blasted President Obama yesterday for his criticism of the Republican jobs plan, the motives behind his bus trip to North Carolina and Virginia -- and even the bus itself.
"I've never seen an uglier bus than the Canadian one he's traveling around on," McCain said. "A Canadian bus touting American jobs.""
Obama will never reclaim the support of his erstwhile followers, nor will this slithering snake of a politician redeem himself by mouthing insincere platitudes.

As for McCain, for shame, senator!

The guy who unleashed the abundantly vacuous Sarah Palin on a hapless and uninterested public, creating a greasy spectacle of a loser's loser being flayed alive for public expressions of insipidness, stupidity and general ineptitude. The paltry Palin, into the meat grinder, proved that hamburger is on the menu when it comes to an intellectually starved electorate.

Who is this guy to criticize a winsome opportunist on the other side of the political badminton net, when he groveled so low for votes that he's still got abrasions on his chin?

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