Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why stop at "stolen valor"? What about stolen honor?

This is yet another example of imperial overreach on the part of the federal establishment and associated interest groups. The feds bestowed upon our gallant republic a law against a very narrow variety of lying, in which one claims military honors not rightfully earned. Now the supreme court will consider a challenge:
Stolen Valor Act gets hearing - News - ReviewJournal.com: "WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court will decide whether telling a lie about yourself is a crime -- if the lie claims military medals you didn't earn.
The court said Monday it will rule on the constitutionality of a law making it a federal crime to claim falsely, either in writing or aloud, that one has been awarded the Medal of Honor, a Silver Star, Purple Heart or any other military medal.
The Stolen Valor Act, which passed Congress with overwhelming support in 2006, has been used only a few dozen times, but the underlying issue of false claims of military heroism has struck a chord in an era in which American soldiers are fighting two wars."
If this is indeed a pressing matter requiring immediate and legal efforts to curtail its effects from eroding some treasured American values, or whatever patriotic clap-trap you want to apply, why not let's go the extra mile, and get some bang for our bucks:

Why not make it a crime for politicians, either in spoken or written communications, to lie about their records, or that of their opponents, or to otherwise embellish or distort the record of their accomplishments? This, it seems, is a far more grave challenge to our nation that some drunk fuck at the bar claiming he won the Medal of Honor in Grenada or some such.

Why punish the underachiever, who in any case probably will accomplish even less once he's to the point of claiming false glory, and not the striving politico, who for 40 pieces of silver goes out and rapes his constituency with relish, while speaking loads of pure bullshit on the campaign trail in order to con folks to vote for his sorry ass?

Too bad, but since it's the politicians who enact these laws, we'll probably be reading of prosecutions of resume embellishers in civilian life, while lying politicians go about their business with impunity.

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