Sunday, October 23, 2011

Michele Bachmann: The Idiots' view of Iraq withdrawl

Michelle Bachmann went on Meet the Morons today and was determined to turn the war's only good news into a massive fail:
Michele Bachmann: U.S. got "kicked out" of Iraq - CBS News: "(CBS News) Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Sunday joined the chorus of GOP contenders lambasting President Obama for his decision to withdraw nearly all troops from Iraq by the end of the year. She contended that the United States had been "kicked out" of the country "by the very people we liberated," and that the decision was "more politically-based than military-based.""
So determined to make a bad situation worse, the clowns vying to replace the current simpering tool in the White House have not learned the lesson a Republican politician in another era succinctly formulated: "Let's declare victory and get out."

It is not adequate to have squandered not only the goodwill of the world and massive amounts of money, as far as mental defectives like Bachmann are concerned. The US should forego a graceful exit, and instead draw attention to its clownish and ham-handed foreign policy.

Bachmann described her preferred outcome, something that she described as a "temporary transition" -- as though the US presence in Iraq hasn't dragged on long enough already. Iraq's refusal to allow US troops to operate outside of Iraqi law "disrespected" a nation that "put a lot of deposit into this situation in Iraq," she explained.

In other words, Iraq owes the US for destroying the country and killing or displacing its people, and in order to show gratitude should either accede to US demands or demand full reimbursement for the $700 billion the US has spent turning Iraq into a basket case.

Not only is Ms. Bachmann a barbarian, but her math skills are a little deficient. If it were just $700 billion that the US squandered in Iraq, that would be a bargain. A more realistic figure runs about $2 or $3 trillion -- enough to bail out a few big banks, with bonuses all around on Wall Street!

Bachmann may think that if she repeats the line about the US having "liberated" Iraq enough times, that will distract her audience from considering the true result of the US invasion and occupation of that unluckly land. But to make things even worse, she complains that our departure only bolsters Iran's stature and influence in the region -- an outcome that was pretty inevitable once the US overthrew a Sunni Muslim regime in favor of one dominated by the Shiite majority. Besides Ahmad Chalabi, the US government didn't have a very deep bench among Iraqi Shiites, and when faced by resistance by the Sadrists, it was either cut a deal or find ourselves in a really intractable situation. The US cut the deal.

All this is completely lost on a dim bulb like Bachmann, however. She's the spokeswoman for people from the Tea Party who don't get it, and don't want to get it. Talk tough, throw around some weight, get your way -- this is their magical solution to every foreign policy mess the US gets into.

The problem is, the US is not that kind of empire any more, and these wars of choice have only hastened the day when the rest of the world has figured it out. It's only Michelle Bachmann and her loyal followers who think it's still 1955.

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