Tuesday, March 8, 2011

why do they hate us? for the money, fool!

i'm not too crazy about religion in general, but when it comes to hate-filled spew from self-appointed messengers of divine truth -- unearthed from the gutter -- i reserve a special loathing for that.

in this spirit, i came across a profile of a particularly nasty, lying scumbag in the new york times -- a fraud selling a fake message under an assumed name, otherwise known as "brigitte gabriel."

you can read about the spewing filth from this wretched gasbag here, and its a story of intellectual destitution and conniving opportunists making a marriage of convenience -- all in the pursuit of profit.

ms. gabriel, in the most illuminating section of the story, was paid $180,000 for her anti-islam rants. as an understudy and minion of pat robertson, she learned well the power of religious charlatans over their weak-minded devotees.

it's a given in this "work" that demonizing (literally) members of other sects can be parlayed into a very lucrative hysteria trade -- with TV appearances, books, lecture opportunities, board memberships... the works.

ms. gabriel has a story of hopelessness as a youth in lebanon, being caught up in sectarian turmoil, only to be redeemed by the munificent israelis, and their big-daddy backers in the USA. her story may resonate with those whose minds only work on the surface appearance of things, but if one wants to get a more rounded veiw of lebanon's sorrows, the role of israel should not be neglected.

instead, islam and more particularly the invented version of the faith dubbed "islamofascism" is the alpha and omega of gabriel's omlette of history. the islamists want to take over america and impose sharia law. this the pretenders know on the highest authority -- a twisted, anecdotal compendium of self-serving trash concocted to instill fear in people who respond to cognitive dissonance in their world by resorting to magical thinking.

gabriel and her fellow travelers in the right-wing hate-cultivation racket are raking in bundles of cash by pushing a thoroughly discredited version of reality through the uncritical media, and straight into the rodent brains of their legion of followers.

hate is an industry as well as a world view. the purveyors of this hate, while targeting groups who don't even realize their non-ideology and non-intentions are under assault, are actually demonstrating their contempt for their audiences, their followers. deliberately feeding people stinking refuse and declaring it gospel is a most arrogant and hateful thing -- "i swear to you that the muslim world wants to put you under its domination." what a load of unmitigated horseshit!

my question to ms. gabriel and her coterie of lie-spewing manipulators is, why do you hate us? and to the readers, why do they hate us? is it for our freedom? the class dunce who premised a war against islam on this infantile proposition would have immediately have realized what the whole point was:

they don't hate us, but we have to be made to hate them because it's good for business!

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