Friday, March 25, 2011

japan woes raise US nuke dreams' price

according to the business-friendly root-tooters at reuters, the japan nukie fiasco could hit US dreams for a new landscape full of reactors in the booty:
"(Reuters) - The crisis at Japan's Fukushima plant could hit the U.S. nuclear-power industry in its weakest spot -- by raising costs.
Plant developers have spent years seeking approvals to build the nation's first new nuclear reactors in three decades, arguing that nuclear power offered the United States an opportunity to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions and become less dependent on imported oil.
They have been less vocal about the cost of building a nuclear plant -- two to four times as much as for a coal or natural gas-burning power station. And with regulators seen mandating new safety measures in the wake of Japan's crisis, the gap will only widen."
the only question is, who the fuck cares?

if it was a cost-effective and safe technology, it wouldn't be laid on the shoulders of the US taxpayers to subsidize and insure these irradiated heaps of shit. since they're a ticking bomb, no insurance company will touch one, so the industry just does what they all do: get the feds to underwrite the project -- and heap all the responsibility for disaster onto the taxpayer.

why in the blazing fuck would any sane person saddle himself with such a stinking, seething, slimy wad of filth? do we really need the energy so badly that any risk is worth it? because what you've got here is a sure thing: at some point, for some reason -- be it natural disaster or human mis- or malfeasance -- one of these motherfuckers will go critical.

and baby, you've bought it!

after all, look at the japs. they built their cyclonic nuclear fuck machines on an active earthquake fault, and then decided that if a quake came, it wouldn't -- couldn't -- be that serious. they also built it close to the ocean -- again, right on the "ring of fire". that's a two-fer right there of catastrophe just waiting to lay its fat ass directly in your face. you couldn't make this shit up, but then they build a certified death bonanza simply to flaunt their audaciousness.

and we're not even going to talk about the falsified inspection records that TEPCO got caught submitting to the regulators. is there any doubt that, if they were in the US, they'd have behaved any differently? after all, the deepwater horizon disaster in the gulf of mexico was surely the product of non-existent regulatory enforcement -- which gives us NO confidence in the nuclear industry.

what kind of obscene joke is this, anyway? i say to reuters, tell us all the reasons that the disaster in japan at least has a silver lining in the US -- if, that is, the industry doesn't just totally disregard opposition to more nukies, and gets the appeaser obama to green-light them anyway. hey, that would be nothing new!

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