Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Future Of corporate domination In The U.S.

the article from our good friends at NPR is headlined "the future of nuclear energy in the US":
"Before the Fukushima disaster, nuclear power was being rebranded as a green form of energy. But in the wake of the devastating nuclear accident that is still unfolding in Japan, many Americans are now re-evaluating the potential costs and benefits of nuclear power."
which americans would that be? i wonder. we can have this conversation today, because the world's attention is mostly diverted by things like war in libya or the NCAA tournament this weekend. there are plenty of other things to place in the vacancy between one's ears.

over the longer haul, however, this discussion is at an end. oh, there may be some further mastication of verbiage both pro and con over the merits versus liabilities of nuclear power generation. that would excite passions and lead to irrational conclusions. what is really needed is the cool, level-headed, dispassionate calculations of the green-eyeshade people.

we won't be given the opportunity to muck up the potential for immediate ROI based on the objections of nervous nellies and other NIMBY types. the only cost-benefit analysis that really counts is the one that's done in the backrooms of congress after the lobbyists have disbursed their large wads of cash to the craven political class that lives and breathes corporate handouts.

so in fact, the headline of this piece ought to be "the future of corporate domination in the US," since that's what really needs to be hashed out. unfortunately, that's not liable to happen for a good while yet. so there's not much point in getting your t-shirt all wet about it.

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