Wednesday, March 30, 2011

budget baloney and government shutdown

today in politics, more of the same inane bullshit, with the GOPpers and dumbocrats doing their weird kabuki thing over some piddly-assed budget cuts insisted upon by the tea party majorettes.

what's it gonna be? the republican whack-offer is $66 billion, their objective to return federal agency budgets to where they were when obamotron took office. the GOPpers seem to see some sedition at work beginning when a dumbocrat took office -- and take no heed of the doubling of the national debt during the last repudlicking assministration.

what gives, guys? you don't like the black man?

it's an easy sell -- that is, the racism. the cuts, well, they don't amount to diddly, so what's the fuss about? it's all posturing, pubic relations with the scabies and the crabs on eric cantor's asshole. that's what you get for fornicating with rodents. brother rat, sister newt.

shut down this stinking, dysfunctional government. please, i dare you. let's get it over with. the sooner we put this charade out of its misery, the more quickly we can reap the consequences. there are many things both good and bad that come from the government, but if the ax is allowed to fall evenly on all of it, then let's see who screams first, and loudest.

let's get rid of all the regulatory agencies that are "strangling our free markets," but at the same time we need to eliminate subsidies for business activities of all kinds. let the market straighten it out. while we're at it, eliminate all tax loopholes and other considerations for business. set a flat tax rate for individuals and business, and allow no deductions, tax shelters or other means that the affluent use to dodge paying their share.

while we wouldn't want to strangle our "free" markets with regulations, one thing we need to do post-haste is to elevate the notion of personal responsibility to the corporate level. that is, no more externalizing costs incurred while doing business. if i create bad smells and bad juju in the process of getting mine, why should brother rat and sister newt be forced to live with the mess, or pay to clean it up? and if your nuclear plant goes critical, you should have to pay every cent --even to your last dime -- to clean up the mess. no more ducking it, acting like you don't know what i'm talking about. you're on your own.

and if the nation is really and truly broke, then let's disestablish the pentagon and revoke the national security act that has ruined the nation financially and morally. the US military props up the global imperial power that enables corporations to steamroller the third world in its single-minded pursuit of profits. it's so big and overstretched as it is, the domestic security functions that most military establishments exist for had to be turned over yet another entity -- homeland security. and this new fictional bureaucracy exists not to secure the homeland but to eliminate dissent. it's the militarization of the police under a new guise, and we're footing the bill for something that we really shouldn't need -- if we were using the resources we're already paying for as they were intended.

if we need to defund education and healthcare or environmental protection, who can honestly say that the government has any more business establishing departments whose sole function is perpetuating the status quo, and finding the most effective means of silencing critics of the system? that's homeland insecurity, my friends. since the market runs the government, it only seems right to leave it to market forces to decide who the winners and losers are in the political arena -- so please, defund the thought police, and let's try some rough-and-tumble reality TV for deciding the great "issues" of the day -- the mind-rot on television that mesmerizes your neighbors and makes them unable to render a coherent opinion about which side will give us the bigger screwing in libya.

i know my proposition is not an original one, but i have the advantage of being a constituent of eric cantor, the #2 repudlicker in the US house party. if there were ever a less-worthy aspirant to high office, it is this hack, this clown, who ascended to the house as personal delegate for philip morris and moneyed interests unbound here in the nook of the neo-confederacy.

this career politician, who never faces any but token opposition, sits in judgement of the rotteness of politicos who preceded him, profligate whores whose shoes have been filled with catshit and hence made unwearable -- not to mention un-fillable. a creature, a reptilian grotesquery, a pompous, pus-filled nincompoop who revels in his rank hypocrisy -- it is the sainted eric who lumbers in like an enormous zeppelin of pus to make grunts and squeaks about jobs and competitiveness and an overabundance of weasel screeds of wrack and ruin.

i'm so tired of this blustery little ding-a-ling that i wish him godspeed in his crusade to eviscerate the middle- and working-class people of this pathetic nation -- a kind of last stand to finally crush the perpetual losers who'll never, ever crawl out from under the "gift" ronnie reagan first gave in 1980, the one that keeps on giving all the way until now. we've seen the tsunami sweep away the entire premise of government as an entity that protects the mainstream of people against the predations of the elites. there are still a few matchsticks and band-aids to be removed, until the cantoresque dystopia is fully unleashed upon self-deluded and mite-minded sloths who are ranting about mexicans and colored while their very country is dismantled around them.

so go ahead, shut it down. shut it down permanently, if you guys are really serious. if it's defective here and there, then it's infested through and through. let's destroy the government in order to save it -- that sounds magical enough for your myth-entraced minions to grasp without thought.

and may the most cynical, two-faced whore be the first to be burned at the stake!

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