Monday, March 21, 2011

Crush, kill, destroy...

among the disparate pro-corporate, pro-invasion media voices comes the same song:
"The U.S. has been carrying out the attacks with Britain, France and other allies to enforce a U.N.-authorized no-fly zone. The no-fly zone is aimed at protecting Libyan civilians from attacks by pro-Gadhafi forces trying to crush a month-long uprising against his 42-year rule." (VOA).
the forces to goodness and moral rectitude will halt their erstwhile friend gadhafi's efforts to "crush" the rebellion against his rule.

as they did with saddam, the US and it's "coalition partners" will go about methodically destroying the hi-tech military hardware they previously sold their foe. it makes for a brisk trade in armaments, with current stocks needing replenishment after the current imbroglio.

doubtless gadhafi is a monster, a lunatic, a very bad man -- but you can also judge a guy by the company he keeps: regular, peace-loving, right-wing demagogues like silvio berlusconi and tony blair -- not to mention the terror from texas, dubya the bushbaby.

in order to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs, and in order to project global power,  you have to crack a bunch of heads, and destroy the village in order to save it, and make the world safe for democracy at the barrel of a gun.

it would be great to be rid of dictators like gadhafi, but if we really want peace and harmony in the world, we also need to make a major push to be rid of the corporatist security state apparatus that protects the world's large financial interests against the yearning to be free among the working classes.

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