Wednesday, March 30, 2011

noxious fuming from a politician's lips

the presidential obama robot was making more noises today, this time about the speed at which the US will be going over a cliff:
"President Obama called on Wednesday for a one-third reduction in oil imports over the next decade, and said the effort had to begin immediately. In a speech at Georgetown University , the president said that the United States cannot go on consuming one- quarter of the world’s oil production while posessing only two percent of global reserves. He said that the country had to begin a long-term plan to reduce its reliance on imported oil, and that the decades-long political bickering that has stalled progress toward that goal had to end."
no telling why his political masters rolled him out to give this particular message on this particular day. could it have something to do with our newest war for oil in libya? very possible. and then there's the ongoing, evanescent story of japan's mortal wound, how the nuclear genie really, really has it in for the nipponese.

did you hear how today, the government in japan finally decided to accept foreign assistance in the face of their eventual decimation by the runaway nuclear plant disaster? i hate to say, i told you so. still, ever since the first couple of days after the earthquake and tsunami, it was apparent that the government wasn't dealing with the issue. they and their corporate buddies were fumbling around and not really letting on to the fact that they didn't have a clue as to what they're doing.

which brings me back to the obama machine: there is no such thing as "leadership" coming out of washington, or out of any politicians for that matter. the entire political system has been bought off, so what you hear is what the owners want you to hear, the way they want you to hear it, when they want you to hear it.

when it doesn't suit their plan, they keep mouths shut; when they have some kind of objective in mind, then they roll out the messengers to fill your ears with synthetic garbage information fit only to feed virtual livestock.

the elites want people, at this particular juncture, to forget about rising energy prices -- and rising prices in general. they've fudged the consumer price index for years now, to bury the inflation statistics, until now no  one can help but notice that packages are smaller and prices are still higher. that $4-a-gallon gas will easily hit $4.50 by summertime, and then the economy will start to dip once again -- a double-dip, anyone? naturally, no politician wants to be left hanging without a plausible story for why the bottom has dropped on its watch, so today we get feigned proactivity and -- down the road -- real radioactivity!

yeah, i think that's the real game being played on us suckers by the US banking-corporate-military elite: need to realign our energy options, create a new amusement park of self-destruction, staff it with worker ants who live in cardboard boxes and drive electric cars on crumbling highways to an irradiated future where the sky is lit with neon crucifixes.

the media characterizes obama's proposals as "exchanging ambitious for the politically possible" (christian science monitor), but it's a foregone conclusion that the option of change and reform is already obsoleted by the time words exit obamatron's lips. he simply wants your support as the winds of change change direction and you suddenly realize you're urinating on your shoes.

there's more than a hint of irony that the very people who put that man up to utter these inanities -- that no one even expects him to try to advance anyway -- will be the ones screaming bloody murder and claiming that this socialist pretend-american is trying to destroy our very way of life to avenge the death of his father on another planet on a different channel.

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