Thursday, March 31, 2011

State of the Union: Heart Warming Massacres

i really admire linh dinh's writing, and especially recommend that everyone check out an essay that has appeared on his "state of the union" blog that discusses the motivation behind the western powers' invasion of libya:

State of the Union: Heart Warming Massacres

i suppose it takes a poet to see things so clearly. the corporate media in the US is completely inept and co-opted by the interests of their owners, so even the most elementary connections are smeared or obliterated in coverage of stories such as this.

gadhafi's pronouncements about nationalization of oil fields in the developing nations that possess the west's most coveted resources no doubt strikes terror into the black hearts of our terminally greedy overlords. they assume they control these resources by divine right, and promise a grim fate to those who challenge their dominance.

when we are treated to the irrepressible beat of free marketeers, extolling the virtues and redemptive qualities of free markets and free trade and free BJs... whatever, that freedom begins and ends with themselves. they are free to exploit the resources of the earth for their benefit. markets must be free to enable their capital to chase the cheapest labor, to put their chintzy, overpriced glitter-bots into every ethereal shopping cart. the magic of the marketplace ensures that dumb and dumber alike can be valued wage slaves and debt peons.

we can't break the cycle if the messager has a giant cork up its bunghole. facts and figures and analysis after the fact seem like so much cognitive wallpaper. salvage what you can -- some societies live almost exclusively on the refuse of another's.

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