Wednesday, March 16, 2011

fathead gets a clue

it's nice to see a GOP insider get his head out of his ass long enough to see the reality-based world.

but when it comes to old hogjowls, haley barbour, you have to recognize that it's all just self-serving twaddle, and there's a sleazy rationale behind his every slithering move.

his latest verbal emission is that "we need to take a look at that" -- that being a reduction of troop levels in afghanistan.

what took you so long, pal? ten years, a trillion dollars and a bunch of wasted lives is racked up on one side of the scorecard, versus... well, what?

"what is our mission?" is about all ol' haley can conjure up out of his fat face. you have to wonder what it looks like, way up there in his intestines.

he's following the trail of slobbering retro-dork mike huckabee, who last month was quoted as asking "what does the end game look like?" in the hindu kush. it's apparent that he doesn't read much history.

for all these johnny come lately GOP presidential wannabes, all i can say is, look at where you guy have brought us. you know, all that standing tall baloney that the big dubya liked to spout before heading off on vacation. remember when?

none of these pudwumpers had a word to say -- they just stood by, waving their tiny american flags like the pathetic fake-ass patriotic war profiteers they are.

now that push comes to shove, and they really have to come face to face with the fiscal catastrophe that their cowboy theatrics have brought us to, maybe --just maybe -- we ought to, you know, ought to just, ahhhhh, maybe think... maybe we don't know what the fuck we're doing over there.

what was the question, again?

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