Wednesday, March 16, 2011

if only this was a true meritocracy...

according to LA times (via CNN) "Sarah Palin's favorability rating among Republicans continues to slide as the former vice presidential nominee mulls a White House bid, according to a new survey."

if palin's support were commensurate with her abilities or her accomplishments, and not the slick marketing campaigns of her sponsors at murdoch world empire, inc., then what sort of favorability rating would she have?

dealing with the important issues of the day transcends the "lamestream media's" preoccupation with palin herself, and requires considerably more than a facile tweet or a professionally written propaganda piece on the wall street journal's op-ed page.

palin has benefitted as no one in history from the corruption of the news business by corporate consolidation and homogenization --gigantic enterprises bombarding bewildered and confused consumers on 500 channels at once, pushing the same self-serving, self-aggrandizing message.

palin is dumb, but not too dumb to miss the opportunity to market herself -- including trademarking her name, and starring in a "reality" TV series that's a scripted infomercial for sarah palin. she's may be dumb, but she sure is getting rich!

sarah palin is a load of wank, but when she was hot, she was really hot. the only problem with hot is, after a while you burn out. when you have the sort of notoriety of a palin, you have to count of having about the same career longevity as a teen heartthrob. the times pass you by quickly, and the public begins to look elsewhere for its titillation and amusement.

sarah is becoming irrelevant not because her issues have lost their appeal, but because she has. after a while, even affable buffoonery grows tiresome, and the folks who felt her foibles were endearing lose patience with the same script every week.

we have reached the point where even our politicians have a limited shelf life, and like rotten vegetables, the produce drawer in the fridge has to be dumped from time to time.

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