Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what do these stupid people know?

rep. peter king, a new york republican, is holding congressional hearings to investigate radicalism among american muslims. if there was any evidence needed to support the ex-NPR executive's characterization of the tea party as being racist and xenophobic, this would be exhibit A. now we have evidence that the american public generally is suffering from a case of fecal vomiting, as they give their opinion about whether the hearings are "appropriate". to wit:
"The new poll finds that 52% of Americans feel the hearing is appropriate, while only 38% believe the hearing is inappropriate. Another 10% of Americans have no opinion.
The poll also found that more Americans think Muslims living in America are committed to their religion than think they are supportive of the United States. While 53% of Americans feel Muslims are supportive of the United States, 82% believe they are committed to their religious beliefs."
i always find it a little hard to fathom how anyone could be the least bit interested in the opinions of people who make no effort to inform themselves. in other words, why should we care if a bunch of ignorant, bigoted slobs has an opinion about something they know nothing about? if you want off-the-cuff analysis by self-centered buffoon, just tune in to FOX news any day of the week, and they'll fill you in on what mindless nincompoops will be saying after they've been told what to think.

it will come as a big surprise, no doubt, that the level of right-wing "extremism" far exceeds the level of muslim terror in the US. unfortunately for the reality-based community, it has been decreed that a white, christian person cannot be a terrorist, and any groups they belong to also cannot possibly commit or advocate terrorism. we've seen this denial of reality repeated numerous times in the press, while the southern poverty law center keeps a running tally of these groups and others chronicle the terrorist acts of fundamentalist, constitutionalist and fascist individuals and organizations.

so why so interested in muslims? well, the US has waged war on islam as an excuse to dominate the planet's energy resources for over a decade now. how better to keep flagging enthusiasm for the wars percolating than to constantly stoke the fires of hatred and resentment -- even in the absence of any evidence of a threat? as it turns out, rather than inciting violence, muslim congregations have actually turned in troublemakers to the FBI -- only to find out the instigators were FBI informants! so peter king is only doing his duty as a butt-boy for the war machine, the poster boy for an all-american witch hunt...

i'll say it again: i have no particular love for any religious doctrine or creed, but i wouldn't compel anyone to agree with me, or cast aspersions on anyone for religious convictions -- unless, or until, they try to foist their beliefs on me. i'd be more inclined to suspect the christians of this kind of bullying of conscience before i'd put it past muslims. for what it's worth, the fundies and evangelical bible-thumpers are the real threat.

why isn't anyone holding hearings on whether the christian right is more supportive of their religion than the constitution?

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