Thursday, March 24, 2011

libya: beating the drums for war

our friends at asphyxiated press bring us the latest dispatch from the french foreign minister -- who says the campaign will last weeks, not months:

"PARIS (AP) — The international military operation against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's forces may last days or weeks — but not months, France's foreign minister said Thursday, as allied countries tried to work out who will run the campaign."

that's one of the problems with today's war-making regimes and their mush-minded populations: war used to be a protracted, bloody affair, but in our current media-drenched environment, it takes place far away, at no apparent cost, and is over in a very short time.

well, as dubya and uncle dick in iraq found out, these conflicts may be distant and immaterial to the comfy, technologically advanced societies that need the developing world's resources, but there's no promise that after the initial glory of shock and awe, that the opposing side will roll over and play dead.

after all, look at what's happened in 10 years of fighting in afghanistan: we can't "win" and we can't leave -- otherwise we'd "lose". so the great late NATO is being ground down by a ragtag army of passionate defenders of their land and way of life. and the west is stuck and fuc't.

we'll probably not see anything quite as slow-mo disastrous coming out of gadhafi's regime, but on the other hand, the libyans didn't roll over for the italians in WWII -- and the wops threw everything they had at 'em.

the libyans know -- they're no fools -- that the west have no use for them. it's just the oil we want. so i'm sure if anybody asked, they'd honestly say to the US, france and britian, no thanks!

it's just that no one asked them. all the declarations being made by the politicians are aimed at their homeland audience -- who are simply antsy about blowback and know that if there's any price to be paid, the war makers won't be the ones paying!

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