Friday, March 25, 2011

japan nukes: no news was NOT good news

after pussy-footing around for two weeks, the japanese authorities are just beginning to come clean about the true catastrophic proportions of the unfolding nuclear tragedy.

"TOKYO (AP) — A suspected breach in the core of a reactor at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant could mean more serious radioactive contamination, Japanese officials revealed Friday, as the prime minister called the country's ongoing fight to stabalize the plant 'very grave and serious.'"

elizabeth taylor's death was not a tragedy, but the destruction of a large swath of inhabitable land in japan certainly ranks as one. yet which one has garnered more attention -- especially here in the US?

the shoot-em-up in libya makes for some dramatic storytelling, and gives our leaders a chance to strut on the world stage. they may be pompous fools, but from the nature of the media coverage, you'd be excused for thinking they were actually engaged in some useful activity. they aren't.

the real action in the world right now is in japan. and the nucleus of that action is in the breached reactor core -- and the other, as yet untold, clusterfuck of problems at the fuckushima nuclear funny farm.

as bad as it is, watch the story gradually fade out of view in the corporate media, overwhelmed by many other hotter topics -- steroid-pumping sports stars, anyone? we must never be allowed to seriously confront the limitations of our technology to control the nuclear genie.

obama as the frontman for the mega-industrial, financial and security consortium that runs the government, continues to preach about the safety and inevitability of vast expansion of our nuclear power industry -- as it's the only semi-viable alternative to carbon-based fuels for powering our 24/7 lifestyle. the grand casino will go dark without those perky little atoms doing their thing on our behalf.

this is the true story -- and also why you aren't really seeing it being told as bluntly as the facts warrant. the panic of fleeing people is nothing compared with the panic of the investor class at the prospect of reduced quarterly profits.

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