Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Haley's comet" or windy city vomit?

the porcine, jowly good-ol-boy, haley barbour, dragged himself out of the mississippi muck to wallow in barak obaby's stompin' ground -- the place of big smells -- and unleash a dose of hot oral emissions. barbour was a big stinker during the reagan era, before he went back home to be a cornpone demagogue, rousin' up the rednecks and evoking the former glories of th'suth.

we'll hear lots of him, fiddlin' dixie in the months to come. i don't have a fix on whether he can move the brethren and get the nomination -- but if nominated, he would run; and it elected, he'd definitely serve the same corporate paymasters that his whippin' boy obama serves -- six of one, half-a-dozen of another...

still, the politico headline was a bit of a grabber -- so much so, it lingered on the google news aggregator for an extra day, so what kind of hot hominy is haley spewing today?
"In a searing speech blasting what he called Barack Obama's big-government solutions, Haley Barbour accused the president Monday of throwing away decades of pro-growth policies in favor of 'unlimited faith in limitless government.'
Sounding more and more like a presidential candidate, the Mississippi governor ripped into Obama's economic credentials during a speech in Chicago, the president's hometown.
In his lengthy and policy-heavy speech — delivered with the help of a teleprompter, leading Barbour to crack, 'I hope you’ll forgive the use of this teleprompter, but this is President Obama’s hometown, and, I just figured, “when in Rome …!” — Barbour blamed Obama for the languid economic recovery." Haley's comet crashes into the W.H. - Kasie Hunt - POLITICO.com

now, that's about as close as you can come to the original, down-home, secret recipe: southern-fried horseshit! when it comes to economic credentials, how much credibility you gonna give to the hacks like haley, who said tax cuts would pay for themselves, while leaving no corporate behind unkissed in the doling out of federal pork?

the GOP mantra: let us untie the hands of corporations, and free them from onerous regulations that stifle their beneficent, job-bestowing instincts, and introduce uncertainty in their aggressive efforts to expand and spread prosperity around through the tried-and-true trickle-down, drizzle-dick theory.

how much longer are people going to put up with this noxious nonsense? if we put any less regulation on corporations we'll end up just as toasted as the luckless bastards downwind from the fuckashithead nucular plant. when are people going to stop buying the defective goods barbour and his goons on both sides of the aisle are selling? obambi isn't any worse than the GOP when it comes to corporate welfare and continuing to let the banksters run the economy into the ground.

when barbour stops talking nonsense and starts talking about putting the wall street banksters in the penitentiary -- life without parole -- then maybe his fat ass will be worth listening to. for now, the only thing that's unlimited is the american public's stupidity -- which governors like barbour deserve so much of the credit for!

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