Monday, January 3, 2011

what's the hangup with the constitution?

i see where johnny b., incoming house speaker, intends to read the US constitution on thursday... the tea partiers, for some reason, fancy themselves the ultimate guardians and explicators of said doc; the GOPpers see themselves as the only true disciples of the venerable old text.

it's sort of ridiculous, if you think about it. from originalism to the unitary executive, the right is seriously on the wacko trail here when it comes to constitutional interpretation. why do you think it's called interpretation, anyway, if the text "means exactly what it says"? not that this has stopped them from novelties like declaring corporations as having the same free-speech rights as people -- in a rotten nutshell, the corporations are people, too. (except when it comes to criminal prosecution for acts including murder -- if asset forfeiture was applied to corporations like it is to, say, drug dealers, quite a few of the high-rolling firms out there would be in the klink).

anuyway, back to johnny boner: read it out loud, you're crooked and proud! all the grandstanding and fake empathy with common folks doesn't change the fact that the new GOPper ascendancy was financed through the citizens' united monstrosity promulgated by the bought-and-paid-for claque of corporate shills on the supreme court. without the infinitely deep pockets of the koch brothers and the US chamber of commerce and other entities too numerous (and undisclosed) to mention, the right wing was able to flood the airwaves of corporate media with their twisted and entirely self-serving propaganda, ensuring that no challenge to their plan of total domination would be allowed to succeed.

take a court that stacks the deck in favor of monied interests, monied interests willing to invest obscene sums in single-minded pursuit of domination of the terms of political debate and politicians the like of johnny boner, and you've got the one-two-three punch that knocks democracy flat. karl rove has been all these years plotting a permanent GOPper majority. after a small roadblock during the 2nd half of the scrub-brush bush years, he's once again on track to get the big payoff.

read the constitution, johnny. it's all yours. let's have these perpetual wars of aggression against resource-rich nations, piling on debt that you and your cronies take out of the hides of working people as you gradually soak them dry. wage slaves, debt serfs, pawns of the corporate dystopian state. how long can this charade go on? just as long as there's something left to take.

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