Wednesday, January 19, 2011

out of touch

i fancied blogging every day when i started, and i had a good thing going for a minute. then i got slowed down by something physical -- not sick but out of gas. my brain quit working -- worse than usual -- and it affected my writing. specifically, i didn't do any!

now i'm back, but in the interval i've been toying with some ideas that i'm not completely convinced about yet. they are pretty far out there. feelings of apathy can hopelessness can do that to you. i hope this phenom will prove to be short-lived. we'll see.

meanwhile, what i have been doing:

Food Not Bombs at Monroe Park Sunday afternoon.

Shockoe Cemetery in Richmond's worst end...

Hebrew Cemetery in Richmond, across the street from Shockoe Cemetery, and nestled between the valley and some of  Richmond's public housing projects.
There, i feel better now. I still draw a blank when i try to think of what is worth writing about. So many dead ends, or what is already out there that doesn't bear repeating.

indeed, that might be the whole problem with our media today: too many voices raised at once, and all of them spouting the same party line time and time again. even if you depart from current affairs to something narrower -- like enthusiast websites for whatever your hobby or favorite pastime is -- it's always the same people repeating the same narrow points of view, the same opinions, that you read yesterday and the day before...

ephemera, most of it. i'm looking for something with staying power, but which hasn't been done to death.

still looking...

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